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Thermal print heads for barcode printers are an essential part of both direct thermal and thermal transfer printer. The print head has the largest impact on quality and readability of your barcode labels. Since each model of printer requires a specifc part to match, choosing a replacement print head can be daunting.

System ID carries a full line of manufacturer Print Heads including: Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Cognitive, Citizen, Printronix, TEC and C.Itoh. We also offer our own, competitively-priced OEM compatible, Black Tie print heads for many of today's most popular barcode printers.

Print Head Maintenance
Maintaining a barcode printer, cleaning it regularly and replacing parts as necessary are the best ways to ensure high print quality and consistent print performance. The print head is the most critical component of a barcode printer and without proper cleaning and maintenance, it will produce less than desirable print quality that can cause operational down time and waste. 90% of print quality problems result directly from improper use or care of the print head.

System ID recommends two things to ensure that your printers remain operational:

  1. Clean your print heads. Cleaning print heads can extend their life considerably. As a general rule, print heads should be cleaned every time the ribbon is replaced. Cleaning is fairly quick and easy with cleaning pens, swabs or cards and is very inexpensive compared to constantly replacing print heads. Click here for to see a full list of cleaning kits and supplies. Please call if you need instructions on cleaning your print head.
  2. Maintain a stock of print heads for critical printers. Keeping a replacement print head on hand for your mission critical printers is a good way to cut down on costly down time. Even though System ID can overnight a replacement print head to you, you'll still be down while waiting for delivery. Having some stock of print heads on hand is a good idea for high use printers in critical roles. Also, if your operation has large-scale print head replacement requirements, System ID offers a print head replenishment service where we warehouse and fulfill specific part numbers in support of your operations. Contact us at +91 - 93821 93817 for more details

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